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Panel Setup - Text Labels

Add Text Label to the active Panel.

Text Label:

Enter the text you require on the panel.  All dynamic Text variables are fully supported,


Choose the font you wish for the Text label.  FAB 3000 supports almost any TrueType or AutoCAD SHX font, so if you don't see a specific font you require it can be compiled into a FAB 3000 font file (*.fnt).

Barcodes are supported.  FAB 3000 comes with several Bar Code fonts already included.  You can compile any existing TrueType font into a FAB 3000 font file (*.fnt) that may be used within your panel,


Enter the Text height you require.

Insert Point X, Y :

Assign the Lower-left insert point for the text.

Relative X,Y Coordinates are supported: 

You may use Relative X,Y Coordinates requires the at-sign @    (See below for examples)

X = @-1   Y = @0.25   would result in -1 (from Panel Right) and 0.25 (from Panel Bottom)

X = @0.5   Y = @-0.75   would result in 0.5 (from Panel Left) and -0.75 (from Panel Top)


If checked Text will be mirrored Horizontally (about the Y axis).


If checked text will be clear.  Make sure text is over an existing metal area or else it will appear invisible.


Select the layers for the Text to appear.

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