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Panel Setup - Text Labels

Add Text Label to the active Panel.

  • Text Label:  Enter the text you require on the panel.  All dynamic Text variables are fully supported,
  • Font:   Choose the font you wish for the Text label.  FAB 3000 supports almost any TrueType or AutoCAD SHX font, so if you don't see a specific font you require it can be compiled into a FAB 3000 font file (*.fnt).
  • Height:  Enter the Text height you require.
  • Insert Point X, Y:  Assign the Lower-left insert point for the text.
  • Mirror:  If checked Text will be mirrored Horizontally (about the Y axis).
  • Negative:  If checked text will be clear.  Make sure text is over an existing metal area or else it will appear invisible.
  • Align:  Align text label about the Insert Point (X,Y).  There are 9 alignment values available, and the default is LL (Lower Left).
    • LL     Lower Left.
    • CL    Center Left . 
    • UL    Upper Left . 
    • LC    Lower Center. 
    • CC    Center Center.   (exact middle of text)
    • UC     Upper Center. 
    • LR     Lower Right. 
    • CR     Lower Right. 
    • UR     Lower Right. 
  • Layer(s):  Select the layers for the Text to appear.

IMPORTANT:  Relative Panel Coordinates are Recommended: 

You may use Relative Panel Coordinates requires the at-sign @    (See below link for examples)

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