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Is there a way to create a barcode in silkscreen either in 3of 9 or 128 format?

Thanks for the excellent question.   Yes, FAB 3000 can support "barcode" in silkscreen.  By default FAB 3000 ships with several Bar Code fonts including "128 Format, 3 of 9, etc.".  Here's a quick tutorial showing me add a barcode to the silkscreen:

Helpful Hint:  If you need a specific barcode format, all you'll need is find the TrueType file for that barcode font, and then compile it into a FAB 3000 font.  

Note: A good resource to get Free Barcode Truetype fonts is the website DaFont:

1.  Copy your Barcode TrueType file(s) into your Windows Font folder.
2.  Start FAB 3000 and go to menu:  Help | Compile TrueType font...
* Make sure that you start FAB 3000 "after" you have already copied your TrueType font into the Windows folder -- or else FAB 3000 will not see the new font you have just added.
3.  Select your BarCode font.

If FAB 3000 states "Success", then it will now be available to use when Adding Text.  

Remember once it displays correctly in FAB 3000 you'll be able to export to Gerber, ODB++, or any other format you require.

Do we need special barcode scanner to read it or all the common scanner can recoginize it accurately?

Good question, but unfortunately determining if a special bar code scanner is required to recognize the codes accurately is a that a bit out of the FAB 3000 realm.

FAB 3000 simply creates the barcode using whatever TrueType font you have selected.  My guess is you would need to ensure you are using the correct Bar Code for your scanner; and also talk with the scanner manufacturer about what is the best TrueType font to use with their scanner.

Lastly, some barcode scanners read better with the barcode using a white background (barcode is negative), while others can read the bar code directly.  You'll need to determine what works best for you, and we welcome any feedback and experience you have.

This professional barcode site may be helpful:
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