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How do I make Draw & Flash colors the same for each layer?

To make Draw and Flash (i.e Pads) colors the same:
Go to menu: View / Layer Display / Flash Color: Same

Note:  Flashes are considered any Pad objects.  Draws are considered any Traces, Polygons, Arcs. 

Flash Color: Dim        Shades the flash colors for each layer.

Flash Color: Same     Same flash and trace color for each layer.

Flash Color: Contrast     Flash color is opposite draw. 

Flash Color: User     Assign your own specific colors to use for Draw/Flash..

Why is it important to know which Gerber objects are flashes?
Gerber flashes are important for creating paste stencils; improving performance during DRC & netlist extraction, and many other reasons.  Flash Color makes it easy to visibly determine which Gerber objects are flashes.

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