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Panel Setup: Using Relative Panel Coordinates

Requires:  FAB3000 V8.6+

Relative Panel coordinate identifiers simplify creating Panel Templates.  Relative Panel coordinate identifiers are case-insensitive.

Important:  All Relative Panel Coordinates begin with the symbol:   @ 

@ Relative Panel Coordinate Identifiers:  

  • @Top                   Outer Top Side of Panel
  • @Left                    Outer Left Side of Panel
  • @Right                 Outer Right Side of Panel
  • @Bottom              Outer Bottom Side of Panel
  • @CenterX              Horizontal Center of Panel
  • @CenterY                 Vertical Center of Panel
  • @MarginTop               Top Margin of Panel
  • @MarginLeft               Left Margin of Panel
  • @MarginRight              Right Margin of Panel
  • @MarginBottom           Bottom Margin of Panel

Abbreviated Identifiers :  To simplify relative panel coordinates, all identifiers have abbreviations.

  • @T   equals   @Top 
  • @L   equals   @Left 
  • @R   equals  @Right 
  • @B   equals  @Bottom
  • @CX  equals  @CenterX
  • @CY  equals   @CenterY
  • @MT   equals   @MarginTop                
  • @ML   equals   @MarginLeft                
  • @MR   equals  @MarginRight               
  • @MB   equals  @MarginBottom             


@Right-1                   Would result in -1 unit (from the Panel Right side)

@Bottom+0.25       Would result in 0.25 unit (from Panel Bottom)

@Left+0.5                Would  result in 0.5 unit (from Panel Left) 

@Top-0.75                Would  result in -0.75 unit (from Panel Top)

@CX                             Would  result in the horizontal center of the panel

@centery+1                 Would  result in the vertical center of the panel plus 1 unit.

@Right-@MR                 Would result in inner right of the panel.

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