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How do you load a font file? My client is using a specific font and my Fab3000 does not show it as loaded, it is in my font directory.

Thanks for your question. FAB 3000 will load any TrueType or SHX font file, by first performing this sequence:
1. Compile the TrueType or SHX font into a FAB 3000 font file (*.fnt). All font files are located in the folder .../FAB3000v6/fonts
2. FAB 3000 ships with about 70 of the most popular fonts, however if you have a specific font that is not include, perform the following:
(A) Start FAB 3000 and go to the menu: Help | Compile True Type (or Compile SHX).
(B) Select the font, and FAB 3000 will generate a FNT file. You can verify this by checking in the FAB 3000/fonts folder.
(C) Now proceed as normal, and that found will be detected and used.
Note: There are several exceptions where FAB 3000 cannot compile the font (which may require you to use a substitute font):
* NON-ASCII Characters: For example if you have a unicode Chinese character set, FAB 3000 will not be able to create & use a font file.
* Certain SHX files cannot be compiled by FAB 3000.
If the above doesn't work, then please send us the sample font file along with DXF/DWG and we'll be happy to take a look here.
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