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I am having trouble converting DWG to Gerber and then also creating a Drill file. Please Help.

Here's a detailed movie tutorial showing me perform the conversion (no sound) - The fastest way because it can automatically output drill holes: 

Notes from the tutorial: 

[QUOTE]Using FAB 3000 to Convert DWG to GERBER/Drill 

1. Import DWG (use Millimeter for Units) 

NOTE: The DWG is shifted in the X-Direction over 2,000 millimeters (80 inches) which may potentially cause problems for manufacturing, conversions, etc.  Solution:  I will reset the origin using FAB 3000. 

2. Convert DWG Polyline Circle to Flashes - This is for DRILL LAYERS ONLY... 

Note:  For best results use a Circle entity in your DWG, so this step will not be necessary. 

3. Convert Flashes to Drill Layers. This is for DRILL LAYERS ONLY 

4. Export both Gerber and Drill. 

Note:  I unchecked unneeded layers like 0.gbr, defpoints.gbr, old drill layers. 

Thats It, I can now export these files.[/QUOTE]

Here's some forum posts about DXF to Gerber with Drill to get you started, and in the meantime as I should be free in a few hours to create a movie tutorial for you:
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Please note, the above links have been updated. Please use the links below.

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