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DXF to Gerber help for Microwave circuit...

To make sure we are getting our expected results I would like to ask if we can have a simple DXF file translated for us by you so we can compare your results with what we are getting.
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I have created a sample tutorial movie showing how to convert your DXF to Gerber and also output Drill files using ACE 3000:

Note:  Please see a copy of my notes from the tutorial below.

1. Create Seperate Layer for the border (in a DXF editor).

Note: I am use the Free DXF editor called "DraftSight".

2. Use ACE 3000 to perform conversion - DXF to GERBER.

3. Select Import and Export formats.

4. I am assuming DXF units are inch.

Note: Make sure to use FILL, JOIN, and DEEMBED for Metal layers.

5. Choose Gerber export options.  Typically you can use the defaults.

You will now see that ACE has converted your Gerber and Filled objects...

6. Now lets export the Gerber files..

Note:  ACE can also export Drill layer (from the small holes found on your metal layer).

Thats It!!!  I have converted the DXF to Gerber and outputted Drill.

ACE 3000 is a perfect solution for your Microwave designs converting from DXF to Gerber, so please let me know if you have any other questions.

Thanks again.
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