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HFSS to Gerber?

I tried a number of export formats from HFSS and alter the settings in the ACE3000 in different ways, but I can’t get a correct conversion with the ACE3000. Like DXF to Gerber, GDSII to DXF, DXF to DXF, …etc. 

Do you have a specific example and/or experience from your customers that what export format from HFSS should be and what setting in the ACE3000 should be?

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Many EDA tools will export their DXF files with all boundaries being individual line segments. Gerber format requires all boundaries to be continuous and closed; so you must let ACE know to connect and Join all line segments.  In addition, DXF does not support Islands/holes within boundaries, so you must also tell ACE to detect islands/holes within filled boundaries.  I would suggest during DXF import to check the DXF import layer options "FILL", "JOIN". and "DE-EMBED" - also make sure you have told ACE the correct units of your DXF (because DXF does not have a setting which states the units used in your design).

Here's a tutorial movie showing me convert your DXF, and exporting the drill:

Note:  The reason that you were not able to easily output a drill file was due to the fact that those holes were not circles (in the DXF) but rather polygons (i.e. drawn boundary about the circle).  To output drill data, ACE needs circles (aka "Flashes" in Gerber), so I just selected all circles that need to be drill and then used the command "Convert to Flash (Selective)" and told ACE to output them as circles.  Once that step was performed I was able to export both gerber and drill.
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