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problem with drill file that is converted from dxf file

I just bought ACE 3000 V7. and use it convert a dxf file to gerber files. The gerber file and drill file is fine if I use ACE 3000 to view it. However, If I use ViewMate (from PentaLogix) or Online Gerber-viewer ( to read the files I generated from ACE 3000, the gerber files will be ok, but the drill file will get mixed up. the hole size and location get all wrong.  
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Thanks for your question.  

Please remember Drill data is simply X,Y coordinates without a decimal point (for example looking at your drill file in a text editor you will see hundreds of lines like:  X1233532Y1443230).   You must tell the Gerber Viewer where the Decimal place exists (i.e. Integer and Decimal Digits).  If the Gerber viewer is not told what units and decimal point settings, it will guess the decimal point location for each drill hole.   

Note:  The reason Gerber "always" loads fine and Drill sometimes does not is that Gerber includes all necessary format settings in the header, and drill does not.

Note:  The Drill files exported by ACE use the exact same decimal and unit settings as the Gerber.

Try re-importing into any viewer and make sure to adjust the Integer and Decimal Digits.

Your drill data should be fine, and if you have any questions please submit a support ticket with your Drill file, and we'll be happy to create a tutorial movie showing exactly how to load the drill into whatever free Gerber viewer you prefer -- we recommend:
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