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Selection Filter and Teardrops.

I wish to create teardrops on all signal lines where there is a small 
trace width relative to the pad/via.  However, we usually ground fill 
our board and our cad program does this fill with the same trace size as 
normal signals.  End result is I have to select only those signal 
pads/vias (not the ground vias attached to the ground fill traces).  So 
I use the selection filter and type in the DCODE of the pad/vias I want. 
Then I "select all" and those vias are then selected.  Then I run the 
teardrop command.  Now, the above is done one layer at a time, so I 
select another layer, and go to run teardrops again, but the selection 
filter is gone.  So I have to repeatedly enter in the selection filter, 
then "select all". 

Is this the way the selection filter works (ie. Automatically erases 


Thanks for your question.

1.  FAB 3000 can process teardrops on multiple layers simultaneously.  Perhaps to save time, turn on all metal layers that you'll be performing teardrops, then use the filter to select all pads (on all the visible layers). Then run Teardrop, and the tear drops will be placed on each selected layer. 

2.  The selection filter remains until you execute a command (like teardrops, copy, move, etc.).  Once the command is completed the selection filter is reset.

Here's more information about the FAB 3000 Selection Filter:   (make selection filter persistent)   (using selection filter Wildcards *)   (using selection filter numerical operators)

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