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How can I select all rectangle pads that have a width equal or less than 25 mils but greater than 5 mils. I don't want to seach each dcode?

Using the FAB 3000 Selection Filter you can pinpoint which specific objects are select by shape, width, or height.  

1.  Go to FAB 3000 Selection Filter (menu:  Edit / Selection / Filter...).  The Selection Filter is also available on the FAB 3000 toolbar.

2.  If you wish to only select rectangle pads with a width <= 0.025 inches but greater than 0.005 inches it would appear in the shapes option as:  Rectangle,width<=0.025,width>0.005     (see below)

Adding an aperture shape is optional:   If you wanted to select all aperture shapes with a height greater than 0.1 and width greater than 0.025, you would enter the following:   height>0.1,width>0.025  

Here are the 10 available Width and Height operators:




Note: Multiple Parameters must be separated by a comma.

Filter Name:  You can save these selection filters as a name, so when you use FAB 3000 again in the future, just select the saved filter state.

Tutorial Movie (no sound):  Here's a sample movie tutorial showing a problem where the minimum feature width on a silkscreen must be 0.3mm wide. Using Selection Filters you can easily select any object less than 0.3mm, and then assign a new aperture shape that is 0.3mm

Here's more information about the FAB 3000 Selection Filter:   (make selection filter persistent)   (using selection filter Wildcards *)

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