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Is it possible to enable a selection filter as persistent ?


Is it possible to enable persistent filter for selection?
When I need to work e.g. to rework the silkscreen and see all other layers in the same time (several minutes of work) then I need to set hundret's of times the selection filter to layer silkscreen (e.g. layer 12).

It it possible to enable selection filter as persistent, and after my work is finished, disable this filter manually?

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Yes.  All selection filter settings are now persistent.

1. Go to Selection Filter dialog (press F5).

2. Assign the Selection Filter settings you require, and select button OK.

Note:  You will now see a small "filter icon " located near your mouse cursor.  This indicates the Selection filter is active.

3. Perform all selection as normal; only objects that match your filter settings will be selected.


The filter will remain permanent until you turn it OFF (press F6)

If you wish to restore the same selection filter again (press F6) to toggle the selection filter back ON.

Hot Keys for Selection Filter dialog and Toggle (On/Off):

F5 - Displays Selection Filter Dialog

F6 - Toggle Selection Filters.  Turns selected filters ON or OFF.

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