How do I activate your software from behind a proxy server?

A “proxy server” is typically used to block access to the Internet by Local Area Network (LAN) users unless they are authenticated with a user name and password. If our software resides behind a proxy server then Internet access will also be blocked for the license activation system. In this case, our must know the proxy server settings in order to work. These include the server name or address, the server port number, user name, and password.

You can access “Proxy Settings” as follows:

1. Start our software and go to menu: Help / Activate...

2. Press button Proxy Server..

On the “Proxy Settings” dialog, if “Use IE proxy configuration” is checked and “Use custom proxy settings” is not checked, then software_DNA will automatically use the proxy settings of Internet Explorer including any automatic configuration scripts. As long as Internet Explorer has connectivity to the Internet (i.e. any required proxy settings are correct) then software_DNA will function properly.

You should only set the “Use custom proxy settings” option, and fill in the proxy fields, if “Use IE proxy configuration” doesn’t work on your system.