• Can we direct all instances of FAB3000 to a single license server?
  • Is it deployable from MECM (formerly SCCM)?

Yes Flexnet license is validated through the FlexLM server.  FlexLM has hundreds of different setup and deployment options, along with various optional software available to facilitate and monitor the process.  We only provide the basic assistance for direct setup of FlexLM on your server and then client computers.  It's completely up to you how to arrange your FlexLM license setup on your server(s) and whatever locations.  We simply provide a license key which permits X concurrent users (at anytime).  As long as you can get it to be validated through FlexLM server you should be fine. 

  • So as it turns out, we do have the licensing server setup, but as none of my team members are activated, this led me to dig deeper to determine why. We have no documentation on the process and the items in the bundle weren’t set up. I am considering tearing the server down and starting fresh, that way I will be assured that it is in alignment with our license agreement.

The instructions are basically the same for "every software that uses FlexLM". 

SERVER:  Setup FlexLM on your server with our Vendor deamon "numinno.exe" (everything needed is included in our Network bundle) and request a permanent license key from us using your server HOSTID/HOSTNAME.  After server setup, you should be able to get a message (in LMtools.exe) stating "2 Floating Licenses available for checkout". https://support.numericalinnovations.com/support/solutions/articles/14000026035-how-do-i-check-the-license-server-status-using-lmtools-   

CLIENT(S):  Decide what PORT# will be used for FlexLm communication between server and client computers; for each client computer that will be using FAB 3000 assign the environment variable NUMINNO_LICENSE_FILE which includes that PORT# along with your Server Name.   For our example: 50000@mycompanyserver21  https://support.numericalinnovations.com/support/solutions/articles/14000026040-how-do-i-create-the-lm-license-file-variable-on-the-client-computers-