Customer wrote:

I wanted to see if I could schedule time with you or one of your tech support to walk through the server setup. I am stuck at trying to secure the host ID so that I can send it to Numerical Innovations for the licensing.


Let me ask these things:

  • I need the HostID to send it in, which will be used to license the server (I’m assuming), is this correct?
  • The license I have would be useless, because it was based on using our old server; is this correct?
  • I am not a user of the software; do I need to install FAB3000 on the server to be able to get the HostID?


Please forgive the stupidity of these questions, but I am lost, frustrated and trying my best to get this set up for my team members and time has been ticking. 


As always, your guidance and wisdom are greatly appreciated.


Thanks for your questions.  I completely understand because Flexnet is not very straightforward and can be cumbersome.  However since Flexnet the industry standard for floating licenses -- everyone has to power through it and make it work.   For example, if you perform a google search about "Flexnet server setup" -- you'll see thousands of similar support/forum links from IT people asking very similar questions.  The good thing about learning Flexnet is that you will most likely see it again... in another software tool.. so it can be considered valuable experience.

Note:   Every company sets up their servers differently so there is "not one set of instructions" that suites everyone perfectly -- in some cases you may need to ad-lib per your own specific requirements.

Server side:

1. You need to install our network bundle on your server.  That bundle contains all required Flexnet files and our vendor daemon (numinno.exe).  Every "software developer" company who uses Flexnet has their own unique vendor daemon.

2. You need to determine your servers HOSTID and HOSTNAME.  To get both, run lmtools.exe from your server.  (lmtools.exe is included in our network bundle).

3.  Send us both your server's HOSTID and HOSTNAME; and I can then generate your permanent license key. 

4.  Once you have received the license key from us, copy onto your server as instructed.  You will need to edit the license key we sent you to include the path on the server where you have installed our network bundle, and the Port# that you will be using for communication with all client computers and add it to the license key.

5.  Test that your server setup worked, by verifying the server license status.

 Client side:

1. Install FAB 3000 (or ACE Translator) on the engineer/designer computer that will be using FAB 3000.

Note:  You do not install FAB 3000 or ACE Translator directly on the server.  Only on client computers.

2.  Assign the environment variable: NUMINNO_LICENSE_FILE    When FAB 3000 or ACE starts up on the client computer it will look for that environment variable to determine what port # to communicate with the server to checkout an available floating license.

3. Restart client computer, and start FAB 3000.  During startup it will automatically look for environment variable NUMINNO_LICENSE_FILE, and use that information to communicate with your server to checkout the license.  

Note:  If FAB 3000 starts and there is still no license found --- you will need to determine if all licenses have already been checked out by other people, or run a diagnostics. 

There are also many other suggestions on our Help forum ( and google/bing searches.