Yes.  If you have an existing FLEXnet installation, you can choose whether or not to incorporate that existing service.  Please perform the following steps:

1. Check the version of flexlm that is currently running on your server.  You can do this with utilities including: lmutil.exe or lmtools.exe.  We require flexlm version 11 or above.  For more information view:

2. Copy our vendor daemon, numinno.exe, to the directory where flexlm is installed. For Windows platforms, the default location to copy could be C:\FLEXnet.

Note:  You could put our vendor daemon (numinno.exe) anywhere on your server, but you must remember that location to properly configure the license string.

3. Add license string to the license file.

The first line of the string must be configured for your particular setup:

VENDOR numinno c:\FLEXnet\numinno.exe

The VENDOR line tells flexlm to run the daemon named numinno and gives it the full path and name of the daemon exe.  Where C:\FLEXnet is the path to the FLEXnet folder and numinno.exe is the daemon that checks each installation of the Numerical Innovations product to make sure it is authorized to run.

Leave the rest of this file as is. Save and close it.

4. Double-Check your work. Use the lmutil.exe or lmtools.exe to reread the license file and verify if the Numerical Innovations product is licensed.   For more information check out: