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Properties Dialog

On of the most powerful features of FAB 3000 is the Properties dialog.  Using this Properties dialog, you have access to review and edit every possible value, attribute, coordinate, and property for any selected object(s).

Note: More than one Object may be selected.  This makes it extremely easy to simultaneously modify specific properties for a large group of selected objects.

There are several methods to display the Properties dialog. Assuming you have selected one or more objects, please perform ANY of the following:

  • Go to menu: Edit | Properties...
  • Double-click any Object (while in the Editor). This will display properties for one object only.
  • Press HotKey:  F4
  • Use the Rt-Click menu, and select Properties.


Depending on the selected object Types (i.e Trace, Pad, Text, Component, etc.), different common values property list will include options such as: Layer, Composite Level, Net, Dcode, and more.  The Values tab is always opened as a default.

Note: In this screen capture below, a Component object was selected in the editor.  Notice that different common values appear because this object type is a component (rather selecting a trace, pad, etc.)

Point List:

View and edit the point list below.  There are two point list types:

Vertex (a single point): X, Y

ARC (a single arc): Start_X, Start_Y, Center_X, Center_Y,  End_X, End_Y,  Direction (CW or CCW)

Note: Coordinate units are the active editor display units.


Attributes provide a flexible way to assign product and process related information to objects.  All system attributes are optional.

Note:  All attributes names are lowercase, start with a period (.), and cannot contain any spaces.  Examples:  .attr_dielectric_material, .artwork

Note: To view all available attributes, go to menu:  Setup | Attributes...


A property is a value associated with objects that specifies some of their characteristics.  Properties can be any "any values" relevant to the associated object.   Property names must be Uppercase without any spaces.

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