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Attributes Table

Attributes provide a flexible way to assign product and process related information to objects.  All system attributes are optional.

The Attributes table includes all available attributes in FAB 3000, along with the display name, related object types, and default values.   By hovering the cursor over any attributes, will display a complete description about the attribute. 

Note: Multiple attributes can be selected dynamically by holding either SHIFT or CTRL keys.

Name Filter:  Enter keywords to filter the attribute list and press Enter. 

Wildcards(*) are acceptable.  Ex: *_top*

Object Types:   Filter the attribute list by object type. Choose specific attributes per object types. 

all:  All object types

cell:   Job and Panels. (aka "Step" in ODB++)

object:   Any geometric object used in design layout (pads, traces, polygons, etc)

net:   Netlist

layer:  Layer.

product:  Workspace

component:  Parts

package:  component package

symbol:  aperture

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