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Can FAB 3000 convert older Gerber 274D to 274X? If so, what must be done?

1. Use the FAB 3000 Auto Load command (menu: File > Import > AutoLoad) to load all 274D files from a folder. 

Note: If files are in a zip, use the command "Open Compressed File" (in the File menu).

2.   FAB 3000 will automatically read many stored Aperture Wizard templates to determine all 274D Apertures. 

Note: If FAB 3000 cannot automatically read all apertures, you may need to create your own Aperture Wizard, here's an older link about using the Aperture Wizard,

3. Export as 274X (go to menu: File > Export > Gerber...)

Note: Once your 274D files have imported, you can edit and export to other format you wish (not just Gerber).

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