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We need a separate routing layer for the panel outline itself. How can I accomplish this?

You can add Routs to any Panel automatically by using the section "Add Objects" in the Panel Setup dialog.  

1. Go to Panel Setup (File / New / Panel...), or if FAB 3000 is already in Panel Mode (menu: Tools / Panel Setup...)

Note:  You can open any existing Panel configuration (from the pull-down) or start from scratch.

2. Select tab "Add Objects".

3. Choose Object Type:  "Rout"

4. Enter the Rout Object description (see link below for more information)

Rout Description:


  • WIDTH is the rout path tool width.
  • POINT_COUNT is the number of points for the nc path.
  • X,Y,... are the X,Y point array.

Example:    2.2,2,0,10,@-0,10

Now whenever you Finalize the Panel, it will automatically create a rout layer of the entire panel outline.

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