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Panel Setup - Coupons / Inserts

Insert Coupons and other external resources into the Panel. 

  • Resource (*.job, *.fm6, Job name):  Resources include: Job files (*.job), Matrix Files (*.fm6), and existing Job/Panels (already loaded and available in the FAB 3000 Workspace). 
    • Note:  Job files (*.job) and Matrix files (*.fm6) must include the absolute path (no relative paths).
  • Insert Point X, Y:  Assign the insert point for the external resource.
  • Rotate (degrees):  Assign the rotation for the inserted external resource.  Default is 0.0.
  • Mirror:  If checked the external resource will be mirrored Horizontally (about the Y axis).
  • Clearance:  Add a clearance around the inserted external resource.  Set 0 for no clearance.
  • Layer(s):  Optional - only used only by Matrix files (*.fm6) using "active" for the layer.

IMPORTANT:  Relative Panel Coordinates are Recommended: 

You may use Relative Panel Coordinates requires the at-sign @    (See below link for examples)

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