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Do you have a manual or user guide that defines the majority of FAB3000 functions to properly use the DFM CHECK ?

Thanks for your question.  We have 3 primary resources to help assist all FAB 3000 users:

1. Help Manual

The FAB 3000 Help manual is available at this link,

2. Need Help? Yellow Box

The best resource for Help with FAB 3000 is the User Forum.  When using FAB 3000, click in the yellow "Need Help?" box and enter any keyword such as: DFM Check

and you will receive all relevant help links,

3.  Direct Technical Support from our Engineers.

The most complete way to receive help is to submit a support ticket,

Very Important:  To allow Technical Support to be most effective, please provide a complete description of what you wish to accomplish and sample file (if possible).  We are happy to provide a complete Step-By-Step tutorial that will show you exactly how to accomplish your task using FAB 3000.

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