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How do I add a tab to the rounded section?

 At this moment we don't have an automated tool for adding/calculating tabs onto an arc.  We'll definitely have something for arc tabs available in an upcoming release.   

However you can "manually" place a tab on an arc with the commands: Trim (using Circle), and Add Drill Hit.   Go to menu:  Edit > Trim > Using circle.  Enter the diameter of the tab opening you wish to have and then pick the location (on the arc).  The tab opening will be created.  Next, if you need mouse-bit drills they can be added using Add Drill Hit, 

FAB 3000 has an interactive capability when adding tabs.  In the same command you can add tabs to straight edges (default), Rounded Edges, and even Corners.

  • Start command Add Tabs...
  • Assign the tab options you wish to use. 
  • Press OK to select location for the tabs.

  • Now the command prompt window will be highlighted with the following options, Select Tab Location on a Straight Edge - Rounded/Corner/<Tab point>:
  • To add a Rounded Tab, in the command prompt type: R    (this will now place FAB 3000 in the mode to add tabs on a Rounded Edge.

Here's a quick demonstration movie (no sound),

Note:  Symmetry tab placement is not available for Rounded edges, or Corners.

I would like to ask if such a functionality has been introduced (unfortunately it does not work for me - I have newest version 8.2.8).

Tabs with mousebites on a rounded sections of PCB border would be probably one of the most useful automatic tools when creating panels, because usually break-tabs are used in such cases.

I'd like to ask similar as Marcin question.
I have Version 8.3.12.

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