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How to identify parts using gerber


I'm testing the FAB 3000 with trial period.

I wonder that how it identifies all parts using only gerber files.

I mean, is there a algorithm to recognize whether a shape which is shown by gerber mask layer is part or not?

When I search about FAB 3000, I looked that it exports the centroid file using gerber.

So, I want to know how to export the centroid file about all part.

(such as using part shape database or shaping the solder masks to rectangle, circle etc.)

I hope you can understanding my question. (my English skill is pour...)

Thank you.

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Gerber is simply X,Y coordinates with aperture shapes (that's it), there's no intelligence or part details.

You can reverse engineer the gerbers using the paste/mask layers and silkscreen to re-create the components.  Here's a few links showing how to accomplish that task,

If you have an IPC Netlist file, that can be imported and much more efficient.

If you have and ODB++ file or IPC-2581 file (those are intelligent formats), all component information is included and part of those formats.

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