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Can you tell me how to add a package type to the software and insert it onto the PCB. The Package Type I am trying to add is KTT0005B.

There are several ways to create and add a package in FAB 3000. 

Question:  Do you have an existing Gerber file (ODB++, IPC-2581, or  IPC Netlist) which already contains the pads ?

If yes, than I would recommend you using the command "Build Components...".

1.  Go to menu:  Assembly / Built Component...

2.  Select all pads for your component.  

Note:  Component pads are typically found on one of the the layer type: Paste, Mask, Top or Bottom metal.

3. Assign the package name and review all other settings.

Here's a quick tutorial (no sound) showing me perform these steps,.

If no, you can still create a component package from scratch - here's how:  KTT0005B

1.  Go to menu:  File / New / Component...

2.  Assign the Package Name, and press OK.

3.  Go to menu:  Add / Pin...

4.  Pick the center point for your first pin (or enter the coordinates in the command console).

Note: You can select the Pin Width, Height, Properties, and more  in the command bar

5.  Repeat steps 3 and 4 for all component pins.

Note:  Once you're done adding all pins, make sure to Save your component.  Menu:  File / Save and Update Component...

Now switch back to the CAM editor and you can insert the component anywhere you prefer.  Menu:  Assembly / Insert Component...

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