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FAB 3000: Copper Sliver DFM


We have been advised by our PCB blank manufacturer that they woullike us to increase the width of copper slivers on some of our internal plane layers. 

I tried to use FAB-3000 to detect the copper slivers in our design but could not get FAB 3000 to trigger any violations, even if the threshold is set very high. I followed the following process:

* Import single gerber layer file into workspace

*Create new DFM rule set with only "copper sliver" ticked, and value set to 0.5mm

*Run DFM Check

    *Warning about no drill layers dismissed    

     *Search Area: Entire Board

* Success! No DFM/DRC Violations detected. 

However I would expect a large number  violations since this layer has slivers of <0.1mm whilst the rule value is set at 0.5mm. 

Is the a known issue with the copper sliver DFM check?



Sounds like there's a step missing.  To detect copper slivers in gerber files you'll need to first have a netlist extracted. 

If possible please submit a support ticket and provide any sample workspace file (*.wrk).  Let us know any region of concern and we'll be happy to review it in detail.

Thanks again, and I look forward to hearing from you.

Best regards,


Hi Simon,

I tried extracting the netlist and this didn't change the behaviour. I have seperately submitted a support ticket with an example workspace (Ticket no 31298).




This issue is still unresolved. I've not had any response on my support ticket for a couple of months. Are you able to help?



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