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Performing DFM Check on ODB++ is successful. Is there any detail method to use the DFM check for Gerber that is not in ODB++ format?

The advantage of ODB++ compared to Gerber is the following:

1. Layer Types and Stackup are already defined.

2. Netlist and Components are defined.

Thus after importing an ODB++ you may immediately run DFM Check without any further setup.

Gerber data is just a text file containing X,Y coordinates with aperture shapes (i.e circle, rectangle, thermal, etc.).  This means to run a DFM Check on Gerbers requires the following additional steps:

1. Assign Layer Types and Stackup.

2. Extract a Netlist containig electrical connectivity.

3. Optional:  Extract a border layer and any cutouts.

4. Optional:  Generate components from Paste and Silkscreen layers.

Here's a tutorial movie showing how to perform those steps above, 

Lastly, FAB 3000 can run as a command-line tool, so you can automate all the steps above using the import matrix file, plus run DFM Checks simultaneously.

Thanks again, and please let me know if you have any further questions.

Best regards,


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