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Convert Gerber and Drill to an Intelligent ODB++ file in 5 Steps.

More and more PCB Fabricators are requiring ODB++ data (instead of Gerber and Drill files).  Using ODB++ data helps them streamline the fabrication process for bare-board manufacturing.  However Gerber data does not contain much information besides X,Y Coordinates, and Aperture shapes.  In this tutorial I'll demonstrate how to convert any Gerber to intelligent ODB++, plus generate border, accurate nets, component data, and more.

STEP 1:  Import your Gerber and Drill files. 

Note:  ODB++ requires each file is assigned a layer type.  If any "layer types" are incorrect, change them here. 

STEP 2:  Create a Border outline layer.

STEP 3:  Extract a Netlist. (OPTIONAL)

STEP 4:  Generate Components (OPTIONAL)

Note:  If you already happen to have an IPC Netlist file, please use this shortcut - because FAB 3000 can automatically Generate all components.

Note: Most silkscreens already have the component outline, so by selecting objects on the silkscreen (when performing Build components) you'll get the true outline when exporting your ODB++ file.

STEP 5:  Export to ODB++. 

Note:  Go to menu: File / Export / ODB++...

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