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DXF Import - ARC with too many little segments

Is it possible to join shape and use the same number of arcs as shown in the original DXF file?

I only see two arcs on the original DXF drawing.

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To keep arcs in a DXF to Gerber conversion I would recommend you use "EasyGerb" - which is part of Numerical Cloud.   It runs inside AutoCAD and directly converts arc entities to IJ Gerber arcs.  Here's some information on EasyGerb and circular interpolation, 

Here's a somewhat related link that describes converting to Arcs in Gerber (when using FAB 3000 and ACE 3000) - which you may find helpful, 

Nowadays systems can handle large amounts of data, so I'm just curious why the small segments in Gerber are causing an issue. 

Thanks again.

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