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Convert DXF to Gerber and High-Resolution Arcs.

I got some feedback from production today, with converting dxf to gerber, and they only had one complaint but it was thought that it could be solved in the settings. The issue is with arc’s, upon conversion and viewing they are being segmented as opposed to being a continuous arc. The draftsperson had mentioned a setting called “arc interpretation” that they are using in another program but I couldn’t find anything similar in your program. Do you know of a fix or why the arcs are exported in this manner?
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Many vendors and third party software tools typically have problems handling Gerber features such as: ARCS (G75, G02, G03), Step/Repeat, Composites, etc.  By default ACE 3000 outputs gerber data that is the most compatible with all vendors and third party software.

If outputting high-resolution arcs is a primary concern we have 3 suggestions:

1. By default ACE 3000 does not output Gerber arcs (i.e G75).  However, most users will decrease the value of "Arc Deviation" to 0.01 mils (which is 1/100 mil accuracy) - this actual provides a high resolution arcs.  Gerber data is plotted on file with a maximum of 1/16th resolution, so setting deviation to 1/100 mil results in extremely good quality.  Here's a tutorial movie showing where to adjust the settings:

2. ACE 3000 can use a mathematical formula to detect whether line segments maybe replaced with an arc, and export with Arcs.  You only need to check the option "Use Arcs (G75)". Please see the tutorial movie below:

3.  If you use AutoCAD to design & create your DXF files, I would highly recommend using our product EasyGerb.  If true ARC's are a primary concern, EasyGerb is probably the best gerber conversion tool in the industry and handling arcs and placing them in gerber.  All you need to do is start EasyGerb, press button "Options...", and check the option "
Here's a description of EasyGerb:

Here's a download link with a 10-day trial:

Here's a tutorial movie showing me using EasyGerb and outputting with arcs:
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