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I need to perform Netlist extraction and DRC checks with very small geometries (with 1 micron trace and spacing). Can FAB 3000 support these micro dimension requirements?

Yes.  Typically most PCB designs go down to 1 mil traces and spacing - which is the limit of most PCB Fabricators.  However as design requirements keep getting smaller, you can set FAB 3000 to handle Micro dimension capabilities (50 nm trace/space).  

  1. To do this start FAB 3000 and go to menu:  Setup / Options...
  2. Select tab "Misc" and go to option "Design Database Extents".
  3. Set to "Micro", and press OK.

Note:  You will need to exit and restart FAB 3000 for the changes to adjust.

Note:  If you're working with a very large design (over 1 meter), than you can set FAB 3000 database extents to "Large".

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