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ACE 3000 v7 keeps telling me my software is unregistered


I`ve paid for and registered my copy of ACE 3000 v7 but after i complete a conversion and try and convert another file i get the following message. 

"A registered license of ACE 3000 V& is required to proceed. Do you wish to visit out web store now?"

I now have to exit and restart ACE to convert another file, its very annoying. 

The program is stored in the default C:\Numerical Innovations folder with read/write permissions. 

Any ideas? 



 Please note, the above link (i am having a problem installing running your software on my windows computer) has been updated. Please use the links below.

I am having a problem installing/running your software on my Windows computer.

I've purchased ACE and entered my Activation Code. Now when I restart ACE, it's not recognizing my license.

I active ac3000 v7 software, and the software lost the activate key?

Thanks for your post.

You definitely should not need to exit and restart ACE each time, and thanks for reviewing the post about "Write Permission" - Installing ACE into a folder that does not have write permission is usually the culprit why an activation code would fail.

Feel free to open a "Support Ticket" and be sure to include your "Activation Code".  We'll immediately take a look at your activation code and determine a solution.

If there are still problems afterwards using the activation code, we'll generate a FLEXnet license key for you as a replacement.

Best regards,

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