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ACE 3000 v7 keeps telling me my software is unregistered


I`ve paid for and registered my copy of ACE 3000 v7 but after i complete a conversion and try and convert another file i get the following message. 

"A registered license of ACE 3000 V& is required to proceed. Do you wish to visit out web store now?"

I now have to exit and restart ACE to convert another file, its very annoying. 

The program is stored in the default C:\Numerical Innovations folder with read/write permissions. 

Any ideas? 



Thanks for your post.

You definitely should not need to exit and restart ACE each time, and thanks for reviewing the post about "Write Permission" - Installing ACE into a folder that does not have write permission is usually the culprit why an activation code would fail.

Feel free to open a "Support Ticket" and be sure to include your "Activation Code".  We'll immediately take a look at your activation code and determine a solution.

If there are still problems afterwards using the activation code, we'll generate a FLEXnet license key for you as a replacement.

Best regards,

 Please note, the above link (i am having a problem installing running your software on my windows computer) has been updated. Please use the links below.

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