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Gerber Merge Options

Hi, I'm new to this software and I'm trying to merge separate jobs onto one panel. I am at the merge wizard and there are two variables, "minimum count" and "surplus" and I don't know what they are for. Can someone explain to me how I do this? Thanks very much.

Yes.  The "Minimum" count is the "Required" number of boards that FAB 3000 must place on your merged panel.  The "Surplus" is the number of "extra" boards that could be used to fill in any empty areas on your panel that remain after FAB 3000 has placed all required boards.

The "Surplus" is a good way to make use of any empty space in your panel.  
Did you Know?  Choose 0 for the Surplus, and FAB 3000 will fit the maximum amount of jobs that will fit.

Thanks for your quick reply. I have just one more question though. I need to create a border around each design with a minimum of 8-10 mm. Is there a way to do so using the merge wizard?
Yes.  To maintain a border between jobs, please modify the option "Job Spacing (inch)" in the "Merge Job Wizard.." (located in Panel menu:  Tools | Merge Job Wizard...).  The default boarder (spacing) is 0.1 inch.

Another useful feature is the "Add Cutlines to the Silkscreen" option which will place cutlines on the top silkscreen layer so you may easily cutout the PCB's from your panel if you choose to do so.

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