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How do I convert 3 separate DXF files into ODB++?

Please see the tutorial movie below demonstrating me converting 3 separate DXF files into ODB++.

Here's the notes from the tutorial movie:

Import 3 different DWG files and merge to one ODB++

1.  Import DWG File(s).

NOte: I will merge PAds layer to both Layer1 and Layer2

Note:  I will convert layer Pads to a Thru Hole Plated Drill

2.  Assign Layer Types.

3.  Export to ODB++

Hopefully you see this!

I have a .DXf file and need to convert it into ODB++ but I don't have the software you are using to convert it! I was wondering if you could do it for me? I'll just send you my .dxf file

Hello Cameron,

I just saw your message. Has someone helped you with the conversion yet?

I don't get notifications from the forums, however if you submit a ticket I will be notified.



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