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DXF uses multiple spacing to align text and doesn't match in Gerber.

Our Customer will not change the way their text string is made in their DXF and I need a consistent way to convert their AutoCAD data to Gerber without the spaces between characters condensing. I don't need to send you any data because all you need to do is make any AutoCAD file with text strings that have more than one space between characters and you will see it fails to keep the extra space.
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1.  There is a forum response back in February as to why multiple spaces are not recommended:

2.   I created a sample DXF (Arial TrueType Font) and added MText that stated "Hello     World"   (5 spaces in between). When I imported it into FAB 3000 it converted with 5 spaces in between.

NOTE:  Only SHX fonts can be accurately mapped 1:1 during DXF Import.  For best results with TrueType font conversion, we recommend to all clients to simply place the TrueType characters precisely in the locations they are required and avoid using multiple spaces for alignment.
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