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I have a problem in using Futura Medium true type font. When I use this font the letter B is missing.

FAB 3000 converts the TrueType fonts to "Vector format" (i.e. polygons), so that it may be exported to formats like Gerber, etc. 

Note: There are thousands of True type fonts available, and Fab It vectorizes (i.e. converts to polygons) most of them correctly such as common fonts like Arial, Times New Roman, etc.  However some true type fonts cannot be correctly vectorized, and there is a possibility that during vectorization of the true type font an illegal polygon is generated when constructing certain letters .  When using a "non-standard" truetype font for the first time, it is important to verify the output & quality of each letter.

Note: FAB 3000 ships with many predefined true type fonts  (located in the Fab It! /Font folder), that have been verified and are recommended as the best fonts to use.

To correct the situation, please perform the following:
1. Recreate a new Fab It font definition, goto menu:  Help | Compile TrueType Fonts...
2. If possible, try substituting Futura with a common font like Arial (or something similar)

You may e-mail support the Futura font file (*.ttf), and we'll can take a closer look.
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