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Drill Import Problems: Drill_77 drill much too big and looks like the holes are in the wrong place.

See image below and attached files --- the complete board is zipped ---- Drill_77 drill much too big and looks like the holes are in the wrong place.
This started with the Fab3000 Update you gave me a few days ago :-(

It's okay, there's nothing wrong.  You simply need to tell FAB 3000 what settings to use when importing your drill.  What settings did you use when creating the Drill files? 

 If you look at your drill file it only states "inch" in the header for the units, but there's nothing to tell FAB 3000 where to place the decimal for first drill coordinate: "X000813429Y000494029" -- I also noticed there are a bunch of wasted leading zeros that must be ignored.  All Gerber Viewers (including FAB 3000) must guess how to read the drill coordinate (i.e. where to place the decimal place)... sometimes it works automatically, and sometimes FAB 3000 needs to be implicitly told how to read those coordinate values.

Note: There are over 80 topics on the FAB 3000 forum related to Drill Import, and here's a few:

Just by adjusting the Drill import settings (a few times), I was able to properly load your drill - see image:
Note: Now FAB 3000 will remember those settings when importing your drill again...

Lastly, if possible could you please fill out a support ticket whenever you require any assistance.  It's harder for us to assist customers and keep track of attached files without a support ticket.

Best regards,
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