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FAB 3000 Not Loading Drill

FAB 3000 Not Loading Drill
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[QUOTE]When importing Gerber and drill data from an archive the position of holes is sometimes wrong with this revision of FAB3000. To double check I have used my previous software GC-Prevue and I can get the correct result. I run windows 7 32bits profesionnal...

Did I missed something ?

I have attached snap shot of FAB3000 + GC-Prevue results and the original gerber archive.

Any help appreciated[/QUOTE]

Thanks for contacting us.  To be honest, there's nothing wrong with the drill file or FAB 3000.

Not sure how familiar you are with Drill data, but it is basically just X,Y coordinates along with Tooling hole sizes (see sample drill file below).


There are several variables which tell FAB 3000 how to load those X,Y coordinates (such Units, Zero Suppression, Integer/Decimal Digits).  You can usually get the variables used in the drill files (from the CAD tool which outputted the drill files).  In this case I simply set Zero Suppression to "None", and it loaded fine...  See movie tutorial:

Thanks again!
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