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I’m trying to print pdf version of the top and bottom silkscreen for a board for document control purposes
1. The software will not let me enlarge the image to over the entire 8x11 page
2. How do I invert the silkscreen from the bottom layer to show as though I’m looking through the top of the board
(not backwards)

Thanks for your questions.

1.  The two features that would allow you to enlarge the image are "Plot Area" and "Scale".   Most likely you have Plot Area set to "Extents" which is the entire extents of the data that you have loaded in... (so if you have another layer that's a fab drawing with border the extents will be huge -- and not a good fit).  I recommend turning on only the silkscreen layer and then use Zoom All (menu: View | Zoom | All).  Then when you go to Plot Wizard make sure Plot Area is set to "Display" and Scale is "Fit to Page".  This should get you better results.

Note: You can also set the Margin to 0 (located in Advanced Options).

2.  To invert the silkscreen, I recommend using the command "View Backside" (go to menu:  View | Backside.  Then create your PDF for documentation.

Note:  Another cool trick people do is use the tool called "Film Wizard".  Essentially you tell it what film size you'd like (in this case it would be your PAPER Size), and then you can tell it to make "mirror" (for bottom side), or "negative" for plane layers.  It then creates separate layers that you can easily plot to PDF files.  Here's a recent FAB 3000 forum post about Film Wizard:

 Please note, the above "Film Wizard" link has been updated. Please use the link below.

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