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Can FAB 3000 load two ODB++ files at once?

Yes.  FAB 3000 has the ability to load multiple (as many as you want) ODB++ files simultaneously. This is perfect for combining multiple ODB++ files into one, or for comparison purposes

Did you Know?  You can also import and combine all other format types (like IPC-2581, ODB++, Gerber, DXF, HPGL, etc.) into one data set.

Comparing two ODB++ files:

1) Load 1st ODB++ file (map to old)

2) Load 2nd ODB++ file (map to new)

3) Click on the "old" tab and only display the layer to compare

4) Select Tools->Compare Jobs and Layers->Compare Jobs

5) Display Method set to Blend

6) Perform Physical Comparison Check checked

7) Check visible layers only checked

8) Click on OK

9) Compare jobs result has list of errors .

Note:  Here's more detailed links demonstrating importing both ODB++ files:

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