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How do I Compare Jobs (i.e different PCB Design Revisions) in ODB++, Gerber, IPC-2581, and more?

Use the command Compare Jobs.  Go to menu:  Tools / Compare / Jobs...

Requires: FAB3000 V8.6+ (major improvements were made to FAB's comparison engine),

Active Job Color (Dbl-clk to change):

Double-click to change the comparison color used for this active Job.

Note:  For best results choose colors that contrast.

Superimposed Job / Color:

Select the superimposed (i.e other) Job to perform comparisons.  Double-click to change the superimposed (i.e other) Job color used for comparison.

Note:  For best results choose colors that contrast.

Display Method:

Determine how to display the superimposed (i.e other) job on top of the active job.

  • Blend:  Colors will be merged making it visibly easy to locate differences in the FAB editor.
  • XOR:  Only regions that differ will be visible in the FAB editor.  Default

Physical Comparison Options:  

  • If checked FAB will calculate the exact locations of design differences. (Default)  
  • If unchecked, use the FAB editor to visibly locate any design differences.  It is recommend to also perform Physical Comparison.

Minimum Error Size

Any compare differences found smaller than this value will be ignored.

Note: It is recommended to avoid 0.

Default: 0.05mm (2 mil)

Search Area:

Determine area to include for comparison.

  • Extents:  Compare the entire Job. (Default)
  • Display:  Only compare the area displayed on the screen.  Can save time by focusing compare only on specific regions.

Map Layers by:

Determines how to map Job Layers for comparison.

  • Layer Name:  Map Job Layers with the same Name.   (Default) 
  • Stackup order (Layer Type):  Map Job Layers with the same Stackup order between Jobs. 
  • Synchronize Layers: Use command Synchronize to map layers between jobs.

Compare Visible Layers Only

If Checked only visible layers will be compared.  If Unchecked All layers will be compared.

Here's a movie tutorial performing the comparison between two similar ODB++ designs with over 350,000 design layout elements.    FAB was able to complete the entire Design comparison in  3 minutes!

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