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cutting out copper

cutting out copper

I need to add text in a copper pour. Adding the text is easy. Getting rid of the copper in that area has me stumped. It's drawn with a 50 circle. I can't just select the area I want and delete it. How do I do it?

If I understand your question correctly, you should use "composite" merging.

For instance I have made a simple movie tutorial where I have create an imaginary copper pour area (using add polygon), then added a clear island inside the copper pour, and then add text inside the copper pour island. Let me know if this helps:

Composites 101 (FAB 3000 Composite Tutorial):

Note:  Here's some links on the support forum also, I just searched for "composite" in the yellow Ask A Question widget (located at the top right of the FAB 3000 screen):

Please note, the above forum search has been updated. Please use the link below.

Search results for "composite"

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