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Getting "limited DFM results" - every possible violation is not highlighted.

Thanks again for sending your sample file.  

Why did Limited DFM Results occur?
DFM Check: Exhaustive Search option Allows multiple DFM errors per each physical object (i.e pad, trace, polygon, text).   If Unchecked, only one DFM Error is allowed per physical object.  The remaining DFM Checks will be ignored (for those physical objects which already contain a DFM error).  Resulting in faster DFM checks, but less comprehensive.   Default: Checked

Screen capture when using menu command: Tools | DFM | DFM Check...

Now when the DFM option Exhaustive Search is CHECKED, FAB3000 will comprehensively find all DFM Errors.  The lower DFM Results [2] are the new results and have 6X more violations. However when Exhaustive search is UNCHECKED- the results will be similar to the first DFM results [1].

Thanks again, and please let me know of any other annoyances or features you'd like.  Chances are we'll add the to both desktop and web solutions.

Best regards,


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