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I have Numerical Cloud and it's asking me to 'Verify Internet connection or presence of a Proxy'. How can I activate on my new computer?

Hello Numerical Cloud Support,

I have a 5-person cloud subscription that none my team members, including myself, can access as of 1/14/2024 The subscription is good until 1/26/2024. See attached e-mail for licensing information.

When opening Fab3000 it is showing as unregistered and has a Welcome pop-up Window to activate. I am not able to click on Help in the ribbon to enter my license information.  How do I move forward?

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Your screen capture appears states there a problem getting "internet access".  Internet access is initially required to activate Numerical Cloud subscription, and then periodically every 30 days.  The Proxy option is mentioned for corporations who's firewalls prevent internet access without proxy details (probably not an issue for you).   

Internet Requirement:  There's nothing we can do to bypass this internet requirement for Subscriptions, other than to suggest you review the following Proxy server support links (below),  getting a permanent license key which uses Flexnet license (thus no internet required).

Important 24/7 Access:

You can access your activation code status anytime 24/7, 


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