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Need to Implement QR Code on PCB to enhance traceability and quality control in our production process.

Thanks for contacting support.

Do you have a True type for QR Code that you wish to use?  
If yes, all you need to do is compile the  QR Code font in FAB3k using menu: 
1.  Copy your QR Code TrueType file(s) into your Windows Font folder.
2. Start FAB3k and go to menu: Help | Compile TrueType font...
* Make sure that you start FAB3k "after" you have already copied your TrueType font into the Windows folder -- or else FAB3k will not see the new font you have just added.
Now you can use Add Select your QR Code font.

Do you have an image of the QR code?  

Note:  Importing images is perfect for including company logos, QR codes, Bar Codes, and more.  Image formats supported are: png, bmp, jpeg, gif, and tif.  Images should have less than 5k pixels (per side).
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