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CAM Library is required for a completely automated solution

Dear Numerical Innovations Team,

we are using FAB3000 mostly to convert Gerber (x3) to odb++. This was a completely manual process until we found MATRIX files. Unfortunately when trying to export ODB files directly from the MATRIX file, we got the warning: "CAM Library is required for a completely automated solution" (Full message, see screenshot).

As we are converting somewhere around 5-10 PCBs a Month, but do not want manual steps in the export chain (as this leads to mishaps...) the full CAM Library might be overkill for us. Is CloudDFM the correct solution for us? Any help towards a fully automated solution is appreciated.

Kind Regards,

Felix Schneider


Hi Felix Schneider,

Thanks for your question.   

Ideally, if the task you wish to automate is just two FAB3000 commands: Import X3 and Export to ODB++ then you may be better suited to just perform these two steps (a few times a month):
  1. File | Import | Gerber...
  2. File | Export | ODB++...

Note:  The Matrix format (in FAB3000) is used to automate: importing, verification & preparation, and document generation (i.e Images, Reports, PDF, Excel, etc).  Exporting EDA/CAD/3D formats must be directly output by FAB3000 users.  For a complete Start-To-End automation I would recommend CAM Library.

Best regards,
Simon Garrison - Applications Manager
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