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FAB3000 Selection is not working as I expected. Instead of having to hold the left click to do a multiple selection, we have to make a first click to start selecting and then make another click to finish.

FAB3000 uses very similar selection features to popular CAD tools like: AutoCAD  (whereas by default each selected object is added to the current selection set).  

  • To remove any object from the current selection set:  Hold either the 'Shift' or 'Ctrl' key and select the object again (it will be removed from the selection set while any other objects remain). 

  • FAB3K:  Single Select Mode:  If you expect the object selection to be only one object at a time (like Adobe Acrobat).
    • Go to menu:  Setup | Options..., and select tab Default Values.
    • Assign Selection mode as: Single Selection
    • Press OK, and now you should have single select mode active
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