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I try to create net list, but it always paused at 29% - Why?

Thanks again for sending both the Gerbers and Workspace.   FAB rarely gets stuck (even if it appears unresponsive on Windows), so if possible let it continue until finish.   However if it exceeds 5 minutes max (then there's usually something geometrically that is throwing it off).

The issue for slow netlist extract is due to additional geometries (including spiraled polygon ARCs) placed at every opening for all internal plane layers  (for 18 total layers!).  Altium notoriously outputs strange additional/unnecessary geometries in their Gerber/NC files which cause issues for many PCB manufacturing CAM tools.  

For example on gerber file "GND1.gbr" (location:  -54.61 31.75), looks good when filled:

Here's how it actually looks with fill off (to see all hidden additional/unnecessary gerber geometries) that must be process to extract a netlist):

We have resolved the performance issue for Netlist Extraction (by detecting and resolving these Altium generated spirals)  and will have an update of FAB available by tomorrow.

Quick Fix: If you're an Altium user, you can re-output the PCB design as an ODB++ or IPC-2581 format (instead of Gerber/NC) to hopefully bypass the additional/unnecessary gerber geometries.  Those should load fine into FAB3k.

Thanks again, for sending everything and please let me know if you have any questions.

Best regards,


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