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When Inserting a Job (i.e Cell), where are the 3 Anchor Points referenced?

FAB3K supports design hierarchy, meaning you can insert Job references into another Job or Panel.  This feature is extremely useful for Panelization, Arrays, and keeping complex designs much smaller by using hierarchy.  Think of Inserting Jobs like inserting AutoCAD Blocks.

To insert a Job reference into an existing Job or Panel:

  1. Go to menu:  Job | Insert Job...
    • The Insert Job dialog is displayed
  2. Select the Job (i.e child) you wish to insert in the to existing Job/Panel (i.e Parent).
  3. Determine if you will be inserting a Single Job or Arrayed.
  4. Assign the Job Orientation.  This is the Rotation and/or Mirror (about X or Y axis).
  5. Enter the inserted Job Anchor Point.  This is the reference location (on the child job) for the insert's origin.
  6. Press OK, and select the coordinate to place your insert.

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